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The world around us is changing. By the year 2050, projections by the United Nations estimate that 66% of global population will inhabit urban areas.

In mega-cities today, a large proportion of our food are grown and shipped from large distances away. This not only means produce that is lacking in freshness and quality, but also food that requires large amount of packaging and transport; contributing waste and greenhouse emissions that aggravates man's continuing damage on the environment. The growing disconnect from our food sources also means urban populations that are wasteful in food consumption, and farmers who are less inclined to grow clean, pesticide-free crops. More than ever, our cities' food landscape needs change to demand fresher, locally-grown food that is sustainably produced from accountable urban provenances.

VertiVegies started R&D in 2014 with the aim of providing an integrated urban farming solution for city-dwellers keen on changing their local food landscape.

After almost 2 years of growing (and tonnes of vegetables later), VertiVegies is now a full scale operational urban farm at Lim Chu Kang with a R&D facility centre along 289 Farnborough Road. Both sites showcase how we envision the future of food production to be...

  • productive
  • technology
  • environmentally

By providing both the physical
& technological infrastructure
for vertical intensive farming...

VertiVegies hopes to reduce the environmental impact of traditional agriculture and bring the growing of food closer to our communities. With versatile indoor farming solutions that are scalable to any urban setting, food production is intensified by stacking in constraint spaces, and maximized by growing year-round in optimal, controlled conditions independent of erratic climatic events. Coupled with knowledge-based consultancy services.

Our vision

Farming Fresher Futures - A future of food production that is technology-driven, intensive and environmentally-friendly, decentralized to local farms around the city supplying fresher food direct to city-dwellers and businesses.

Our mission

To provide a complete, integrated urban farming solution with both physical and technological infrastructure, and knowledge-based consultancy for potential urban farmers to commercialize financially-viable, tech-driven, productive local farming projects.

Our Values

The threat of climate change is real and especially relevant to those whose work grows in tandem with nature and the environment - the farmers. While we work towards a vision of farming fresher futures, we are committed to develop the company and our operations in a manner that is environmentally-responsible. As an affiliate company of Greenology, VertiVegies adheres to the Greenology Sustainability Policies as defined below:

we empower the growers of
tomorrow to participate in




looking for a career with us?

VertiVegies is currently hiring and we're looking for dynamic, environmentally-conscious individuals keen on joining our diverse team to make a difference in the local food landscape. If you are interested in the following position(s), please email your resume and contact details to farming@vertivegies.sg and tell us why you'll be a good fit!

We are looking for engineers, architects, project managers and individuals from a variety of disciplines.